Central Executive Functioning Coaching

What are executive functions?

Executive functioning is a term used to describe the activation of mental processes that implement actions– the process between thinking and doing.  Executive functions act as the air-traffic control mechanism of the brain–allowing one to manage space, time and information.   There are three major elements of executive function: working memory, inhibitory control and mental flexibility.  Children with executive functioning issues may have challenges organizing information, planning out projects, completing homework and adapting to multiple step operations at school.  Many children with an executive function disorder may lack self control and may have difficulty monitoring behavior in social situations and when working independently.

Click here to watch a video about executive functions from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.

How does the bodyLITERATE work with students to develop executive function skills?

Students who have underdeveloped executive function skills benefit from becoming aware of their strengths and weaknesses and designing a work system that utilizes the student’s strengths to target and/or circumvent their weaknesses.  For example, a student with difficulty executing the task of handing in their homework every day must first become aware of the structure of their current “handing-in HW system.”  From here, with the help of a specialist, the student identifies the effective components of his or her routine and the areas that consistently fall apart.  The next step is to utilize the working parts of the system to implement a more effective approach.  At the bodyLITERATE we build on what’s already effective for the student and create a system that implements the student’s inherent organizational instincts.  We help the student become aware of his or her working habits and develop effective systems that are individualized for the student’s unique learning intelligence.    We work collaboratively with parents, care-givers and teachers to implement/encourage these systems in the  learning environments (home, school sports teams etc.).  Students with executive functions difficulties also benefit by learning elements of the Alexander Technique to develop awareness of how they utilize their bodies as they work. Through embodiment practices, students will obtain more agency in how they perform in school building more stamina during extended periods focus/attention. The technique teaches life-long awareness tools that can help young learners self-monitor and objectively track their needs.

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