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More executive functions coaching testimonials:

Hi Kai! Thanks for everything this semester. E has really improved her writing and her attitude about writing is so much more open and enthusiastic. Thank you for all you have done with her. You really made a difference and I feel like she really connected with you. I know she will miss seeing you so I will keep in touch about getting her occasional sessions when possible. Happy 2018!
-Mom to 4th grader, 2018

WOW! You accomplished so much with him today! He was in tears and thinking such negative thoughts about himself last night when trying to get started with this narrative. But here, I’m just seeing greatness in this piece and there’s so much truth to it that I can’t help but smile as I read it. Thank you so much for being able to squeeze in the time with him today. I know he’ll go to sleep much less stressed out and I really want more of those kinds of days and evenings for him. …..  Have a pleasant evening!
-Mom to 8th grader on writing support, 2017

Nice work! E is really improving and loves writing. No angst anymore!!! Thank you.
-Mom to 4th grader, 2017

Terrific – thanks Kai! I noted to D’s dad just this morning that he came out of the appointment smiling, more confident and even walking more smoothly. He had breathing techniques he was excited to use, absorbed some of the Stevie Wonder project information and is looking forward to the next time. I really couldn’t ask for more! 🙂
-Mom to 3rd grader, 2017

Thank you, Kai. I’ve passed these ideas on to the teachers. They all sound promising.
I loved watching you work with W: a really good brew of enthusiasm, gentleness, activity, movement, concrete examples.

-Mom to 3rd grader, 2017

Great!!! Thanks again Kai,
Don’t know how this year would have gone down without your support and guidance… She seems to be more on top of her work. I thank you for your time and attention. It all seems to be working out for her… I am eternally grateful for your gifts. This has been a nice partnership, which shall continue. Have a great day! I have also forwarded your contact info to a few friends.
Have a great summer!

-Mom to 10th grader at Murrow, 2017

I’m happy to report that R is doing very well: he’s turned the corner academically and has been pulling straight As all year, including in his advanced Regents science class! Thanks again for all your work with him — I think it was really helpful.
-Mom to 7th grade Brooklyn student

Thanks Kai! The teachers were really fantastic this year… Thanks so much for all your help this year. We are deeply grateful, and you made a huge contribution to O having such a fantastic year. It was really his best by far, both academically and socially. We are so proud of him! We will be in touch in August. Have a great summer!
-Mom to 6th grader, 2017

I am writing now because I wanted to let you know how happy we have been with the help you have given J. J has done such productive work with you and I think he will take away some of the work habits you have taught him.
-Mom to 8th grader, 2017

Hi Kai, Something special happened today at your session with J…I think that this breakthrough was huge. She seemed focused on desire to do the work but not clear why she navigates the way she does. Keep doing what you are doing. I think today was… good for her and I’m glad she has the clarity to articulate her feelings. Thank you.
-Mom to high schooler, 2016

“M feels like she learned a lot from you today. She commented that she wants to do well and is feeling more confident after meeting with you. We are so thankful for your help.  And earlier in week she asked to make sure that you guys were scheduled to meet today. Very encouraging.”
-Mom and dad to 6th grader

Hi Kai, Thank you so much for your email and kind words. It has been a long year, and we couldn’t have done it without your continuous support. You are an amazing coach, so knowledgeable and so very kind. It has been a pleasure working with you. We will all miss you very much and will stay in touch. Thank you again.
-Mom and dad to 9 year old

“Thanks Kai…. Thanks for the detailed breakdown of this assignment. Having you available to help her push through is hard but very comforting to her as she can clearly know know that she can find her way out of the labyrinth. Confidence in understanding that is the key. You are amazing.”
-Mom to 15 year old

“Of course I’ll be staying in touch, how could I not? I wanted to thank you for the help these past years and for the fair wishes. China is great so far.”
-11th grader taking a Semester in China

Hello Kai, I am texting u to let you know I’ll be going to study at [] university. I will be leaving next week Wednesday to move into the school. I have enjoyed working with you for many years and to help me and teach me on my journey to this moment. I’m happy to say I’m ready to take the college step and that it has been a pleasure to have you as my tutor these years. It’s been a difficult journey as well for me but You and me have seen my changes to getting more focused and organized and I’m happy to say I feel confident in my school work as well. Thank you for the wonderful years Kai. Hopefully my story of picking myself up will be the same motivation to other kids with the same academic struggles. Thank you Kai for the amazing tutoring that has helped me to transition to my new college experience.
-college bound 18 year old, Summer 2016

Kai — thank you for everything. Buster has loved working with you + would love to continue in the fall…Thanks
-Mom to 14 year old

By the way, I finally reached out to the Aikido studio you recommended. I’m waiting to hear if they have space… Thank you so much for all your support, and for being so good at what you do. I’ll be in touch again at a later date.
-Mom to 9 year old

Kai. I really loved your sessions…I’m going to miss you so much. The math we did was great, the Alexander Technique was awesome. And the tests we did were duper fun!…I want to do more!
-6th grade student, Summer 2016

Thank you Kai for all of your nurturing support of this school year. All in all it has been a much better year… L has more tools in his belt and that is wonderful! Thank you also for always sending updates and for your patience with my many concerning emails.
-Mother to 10th grader at Beacon, Summer 2016

Kai, thanks very much for the notes below — and for all your good work with R over the year! It’s absolutely made a difference in helping him to be more mindful around his schoolwork. We appreciate all your help…
-C, mom to 7th grader at New Voices. Summer, 2016

Hi Kai, Adam really enjoys his sessions with you; he is always in a good mood and proud of the work he’s done. He seems to be a little more engaged in school, too, and less resistant to schoolwork in general. Thanks again for the wonderful work that you do. 
-Mother to 7 year old

Hello Kai, Thank you so much for conducting your informative and engaging workshop. I really enjoyed the workshop and the exercises were very helpful after a long day at work. I also received a lot compliments from parents and they really liked your workshop as well. Take care and enjoy the rest of your evening! With much gratitude, Cynthia
-Head of PTA PS 11 after an executive functions and embodied mindfulness workshop workshop

I am pretty sure Darwin won’t find an executive functions coach like you around here. I am so grateful that we found you and Darwin was able to spend time with you for all this time.
-Mother of 4th grade student from Switzerland

Dear Kai,
Thank you for all the weekly plan updates. They help me a lot to stay on track and keep my grades up
Thank you,
-7th Grader at New Voices

We want you to know that we’ve seen a real change in Robert’s attitude toward self-management since you guys have been meeting. He’s become much more able to manage himself to do his work…
-Mother of student at at New Visions

Hello Kai, Last night for homework A. wrote the first section (introduction) of his latest personal narrative, which he outlined with you on Tuesday. I was impressed that he had a positive attitude about the task and he did a really nice job. He even asked me to help him stay on task!  I appreciate that he is approaching his schoolwork with more willingness and confidence. I also wanted to mention that he is always in a great mood when we are on our way to see you, and really happy afterwards, too, which is so wonderful to see. He really enjoys your sessions! I hope that he is becoming more open to creative movement and the Alexander technique…). Thank you so much for your amazing work.
-Mother to 7 year old, Brooklyn, December, 2015

Hi Kai… I want to thank you for all the work you have been doing with Jack, the teachers as well as myself are seeing a drastic improvement in his effort and grades!!! Thanks again! Forever grateful.<
-Mother to 13 year old, Brooklyn, December, 2015

I am sure we will be calling you next year for high school. You have done wonders for M and he quotes you all the time:-) 
-Mother of 13 year old. Manhattan. March, 2015

I thank you so much for seeing him and really understanding my questions and giving such thoughtful response. I think you really inspire T with your excitement about your work, your cool space and your great one on one style. Kids in big public schools don’t get a lot of that.
-Mother of 13 year old in Park Slope, 2015

“Thank you so much, Kai. I’m sure Eva benefited from all that you worked on. I appreciated your addressing my concerns about her run-on sentences and introductory hooks. And thank you again for all that you have done for Eva. She is developing more and more confidence in her writing and the focus and clarity of her writing are improving because of it. It means so much to Jack and me, and certainly to Eva, to know that she has your support, guidance, and encouragement.”
-Mother of 11 year old, Park Slope, Brooklyn. 2015

“Dear Kai, …Again, I want to thank you for helping Daniel and for being such a great role figure. Daniel’s spirit always seems lifted when I pick him up. This is worth the world to me.”
-Mother of 8 year old, Park Slope, Brooklyn. 2014

“Kai,Your work with James sounds fantastic. Thank you for supporting him so well, and so thoroughly. Please let me know if there’s anything I should know to help reinforce what you’re doing! Again, it sounds spot on! Thank you.”
-Teacher at PS 321 Park Slope, Brooklyn. 2014

“Dear Kai…Adam has a great time at his classroom publishing party today!  He was really proud of his work and got a lot of nice feedback from his classmates 🙂 Hopefully, he can bring it to share with you soon.”
-Mother of 7.5 year old on his writing.

There is no doubt in my mind that you have been instrumental in getting him to this place. Thank you very much. You are hilarious and clearly know my son since you are making superhero references.  I would love it if he could harness some of that energy.  I think it would really take him to the next level.
Thank you for your lovely words.”
-Mother of 6th grade student Poly Prep. 2014

“Thanks so much Kai–after Ollie got in the car yesterday he said, “That was really fun.” I’m always happy for you to incorporate movement, dance, Alexander technique stuff when you’re working with him. I keep asking him to take some sort of dance outside of school, because I know he’d enjoy it, but he refuses. He did ballet when he was 5 and loved it and he’s always enjoyed any kind of movement work they do at school. African Dance has replaced Streb (named after Elizabeth Streb), which they did at school this winter. Ollie loved it and I was even thinking of enrolling him in a Streb class in Williamsburg this summer.    Thanks again!
-Mother of 3rd grader, Ollie: Ollie’s lessons incorporate executive function coaching and embodiment through the Alexander Technique.  2014

“Dear Kai,
Thank you so much for the update! …I’ve also been getting very good reports on how he has been doing in school — so thank you for everything!
All best wishes.”

-Mom to 4th grade student working on executive functioning at PS 321, Park Slope, Brooklyn. 2014

Hi Kai,
I agree, it was great to meet you on Saturday…I saw the connections that you are wanting to make with him: systems, body, planner, web of who Billy sees himself to be. I think you really have something valuable to share and teach. I liked your very upfront approach. He is taking your ideas on how to study for the history assessment to heart. Tonight he will write out the rough answers in note form.

Mother of 14 year old at Berkeley Carroll working on executive functions and Alexander Technique. 2014.

“Kai worked magic with my daughter.  His combination of body work and academic support made all the difference f–or her during a time of academic and emotional struggle.  A peace would descend on her when she worked with him; she was able to tap into all her gifts and know her strengths through his work.
-Mother of 8th grader at Packer Collegiate Institute: we worked on both embodiment practices and on executive function skills to develop the student’s confidence and ability to adapt to her changing academic environment.   2013

For two years now, Kai Kleinbard, an executive functioning skills and academic tutor and AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique professional, has been working with our son, who is in high school at Brooklyn Tech. Kai provides organizational support, skill teaching, patience, and real care and concern for our kid. It is a wonderful relationship, and we believe Kai is responsible in large part for our son being able to excel in school. Our son is very bright, but has terrible organization skills, cannot plan his assignments especially long term research assignments effectively, has little discipline re: time management, and thinks way too fast. Half the time he’s at the end with the answer before he’s begun. Kai also uses Alexander Technique (education process, posture, and body work that eliminates muscle tension to free up the mind and body to function more effectively) with our son to help get the boy focused and ready to work.review
-Mother of HS student at Brooklyn Tech. From the Park Slope Parents’ (PSP) tween/teen recommendation site: http://www.parkslopeparents.com/6234_Kai-Kleinbard.html

A. feels that he has control over his work and I couldn’t agree more,  his grades truly reflect it. Thank you for all that you have done , its been a great help. Again, thank you, I know A. appreciated your help.”
-Mother and father of 8th grader at New Visions school in Brooklyn.  The student is an avid visual artist and into drama.  We work within all three lenses, academic, embodiment and creative to develop his foundation for executive functions. 2014


what people are saying about embodiment support (Alexander Technique)…

More embodiment testimonials:

hey Kai, the class was awesome. thank you for all the generosity and intensity you brought. each day I left feeling totally riveted and revitalized. it was amazing to have a space to explore this deep movement stuff so fearlessly and joyfully.

-Musician and composer/artist
Kai it was such a pleasure meeting with you and Emily had a fantastic time!

-Mom to 10 year old working with Kai on the Alexander Technique, 2016

Dear Cori and Kai, by pure chance I stumbled over your wonderful website and I just wanted to write to you how exciting and inspiring it was to me to have a look at it (there is still a lot I haven’t read through…). I am a Alexander-Technique teacher myself and mother of a 10-year old boy, living in Germany. Thank you for bringing so much conscious constructive creativity and love into the world. Wow!! Best wishes from Munich.
-Doctor from Germany and fellow Alexander Technique teacher

I wanted to add that my daughter went to Kai, and I thought he was really amazing . . . so, if you’re thinking of trying the Alexander Technique with him, I highly recommend him.
-K. Purce writer and mom in Brooklyn

Dear Kai,
Thank you so much for your amazing embodied mindfulness workshops. The students loved working with you and benefited greatly. With kind thoughts,
-MS head. Learning Specialist at the Packer Collegiate Institute

Hello Kai, Thanks again for the useful information and guidance you provided to me and my son Otis. Otis told me that he learned a lot and that people missed out by not coming to your workshop.
-PTA president of PS 11, Winter, 2016

Hi Kai,
I really enjoyed this first class today… And thought I can regain body conscious through Tai Chi and the Alexander Technique and heal my shoulder injury. It really felt like I was bringing together knowledge from dancing and theater in the past into organic movement that builds up creating consciousness and meditation.
Thank you!
-Ellen, adult, studying the Alexander Technique to relieve chronic shoulder pain, 2015

“Kai, I’ve been meaning to tell you that C loved the session and intends to contact you when she returns from Disney.  So you will see her again, soon. She does think AT [Alexander Technique] will help her posture. Hopefully, we’ll get to see you again as well.  So happy Casey got to meet you. And I really want to see you dance!!!”
-Mother of musical theatre college major.  Her daughter worked with me over the Summer on the Alexander Technique to improve her physical awareness, posture and mastery of dance.  2014

what people are saying about creative type practices at the bodyLITERATE…


more creative practice testimonials:

“Of course, no one steps onto a train as an individual and leaves as a collective being. Kai Kleinbard, who performed his own interpretive dance on the lower level platform called “Creature in the City,” said this tension between the individual and group mentality is inspiring.

“The dynamic of people interacting but still trying to stay themselves is very interesting to me,” Mr. Kleinbard mused. He pushed this interpersonal boundary during his performance by bringing his bright orange shirt and beanie up close and personal with many audience members, wordlessly and fluidly moving his body. ”

Review of “Creature in the City” at the NY Transit Museum’s “Platform” series.  From the New York Observer. http://observer.com/2014/06/platform-at-the-transit-museum-brings-a-new-meaning-to-underground-art/

“I loved your class. Thank you so much for teaching it. Tai chi, Bruk Up, Alexander. It was exactly right. You are a wonderful teacher and, from the first, unlike any dancer I’ve ever known. So looking forward to dancing with you again, to the next cipher!”
-Student in Movement Research morning technique class

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