creative practices

    • creative consultancy and ongoing emergent learning practice building for youth and adults
    • children’s creative practices, classes, workshops in Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC
    • creative movement workshops
    • performances

creative consultancy
We work with youth and adults to help them identify and develop their creative interests and build an ongoing, daily practice to hone their skills.    We utilize an emergent learning practice and an inquiry based system.  The process involves regular one-on-one meetings with an adviser and includes:

  • interest mapping to identify creative interests
  • ongoing emergent creative practice (ECP)
  • inquiry based learning to develop sustainable self growth/skill
  • connections to other NYC artists, educators and mentors
  • ongoing practice with adviser to develop an independent ECP

The bodyLITERATE has utilized this system in a wide range of creative disciplines: dance, film, comic art, graffiti, photography, economics, computer programming and web design, writing (creative, poetry) drama to name a few.  The goals of the consultancy are to:

  • develop independent sustainable engagement within a creative field
  • build information organizing and gathering skills (brainstorming, mind mapping etc.)
  • implement successful research methodologies
  • curate, find and learn from the limitless resources available (web, NYC, libraries)
  • develop each individual’s unique voice and help them understand their unique learning style

Creative Emergent Process
The purpose of this process is to enable learners to identify and develop proficiency in their unique interests, while teaching them an adaptive creative practice that they can use on their own. In this process, interests are mapped, improvisation is utilized to create, and students learn how to track their creative process over time and select/curate information that meets the student’s artistic needs. The process is inspired by Emergence, mediation, the scientific method and the Alexander Technique.
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The Art of Learning: visualizing learning processes
This page is a compilation of visual maps of different learning processes.
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It is our mission to make the lives of young learners more wonderful through a more engaged, individualized education. Our hope is to reach a demographic that reflects the diversity of NYC. An engaged, individualized and creative education should be accessible to all people. Keeping to our mission, we offer affordable learning and embodiment opportunities.
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Creatures and Robots
The emergent creative process taught through the bodyLITERATE is a tried and tested model for developing an effective creative practice. Please check this area out to learn more about the movement experiments involving the creation and embodiment of different creatures and robots.
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What’s New
We are always offering new workshops, special promotions as well as different performances from our teachers, students, collab
orators and friends. Please take a look here to see what’s new!
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