Learning Specialists, Movement Specialists and Learning Differences in Brooklyn

at the bodyLITERATE we employ learning specialists and movement specialists that utilize a variety of modalities to support students with learning differences.

Learning Specialists are professionals, who work with you, your child and your child’s school to support strategies to overcome learning deficits. Learning specialists are trained to work with students with learning differences, often working one-on-one to bolster a student’s weaknesses. It is important that a learning specialist is able to be adaptive, connecting with the student, supporting his or her evolving, learning needs.

Learning Specialists often work with students that have learning differences. Some of these learning differences include:

  • executive function issues
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD or ADD)
  • processing issues
  • working memory issues
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalcula
  • sensory issues
  • learning delays


Movement Specialists are professionals that have many years of experience working within movement disciplines and can work with individuals to support healthful physical practices. Movement specialists can help people manage physical discomfort associated with injuries and chronic pain and teach ways of developing sustainable, healthy physical coordination. In addition, these professionals can support increased efficiency and mastery of the body in all walks of life.

Movement specialists can support students with learning differences, by helping them develop increased awareness of the body and how to support overall comfort while working, thereby increasing the students learning stamina and efficiency. In addition, a movement professional can utilize movement as a point of entry into learning, modeling effective teachniques that can be utilized in multiple modalities, at school, home and work.

Areas that a movement specialist supports:

  • efficient sitting at a desk, computer, etc.
  • walking with a heavy backpack
  • athletic endeavors
  • greater confidence in the body
  • increased attention and focus
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • leg pain
  • foot pain
  • modelling efficient learning methods that can be translated across mediums

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