executive functioning and ADHD coaching in Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC

Manhattan, Brooklyn executive functioning ADHD coaching/consultations:

  • executive functions coaching with students of all ages
  • ADHD coaching
  • partnering with parents, teachers, psychologists

Coaching encompasses: executive function skills, support for students with learning differences such as ADD/ADHD, building confidence and engagement in learning, working with parents to create effective systems at home, and tailored strategies for specific subject-based support.  In keeping to our philosophy that learning is a holistic, full-bodied practice, we incorporate the Alexander Technique and creative arts-inspired methodologies in all we do, supporting self-efficacy through a multi-sensory lens.

Brooklyn bodyLITERATE specializes in central executive functioning executive functions refer to processes that bring thinking into action.  We help students who have difficulty with executive functioning develop ways to plan tasks, organize information, manage time and communicate effectively.

We specialize in executive functioning coaching. Please read this article for more information

Brooklyn bodyLITERATE specializes in adhd, learning differences and executive functioning learning differences refer to students who have ADHD or other learning challenges such as math disorder, processing/memory difficulties, dyslexia etc.  We work with students to develop an individualized approach to support their specific needs. This involves embodiment practice (developing more awareness of attention and focus) and using academic strengths to overcome core challenges at school.

In addition to executive functioning coaching, we specialize in a wide range of learning differences. Read this article to learn more.

parent coaching partnering mediation
we partner with parents to build structure within the student’s life, creating an environment that is supportive to his/her particular learning needs.  We help parents create effective systems at home, such as an homework incentives, time management, and goal setting. We work with families and schools to ensure communication is effective.  We also work with families at conflict through adolescent and parent mediation.

Brooklyn bodyLITERATE tutors and uses alternative arts-inspired methods to coach and help students engage and find joy in their learningengagement refers to a student’s level of interest and activity in his/her learning. This also refers to the amount of confidence and fun, as well as a student’s level of stress/anxiety. We help students identify their creative interests and use embodied practices to support holistic learning. Students learn to manage their workload and identify goals to develop agency so that they may reduce stress and build confidence.

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