Graphs offer a way to visualize an idea.  With simple abstract shape and line, energy and movement interact to show the  relationships within a system.

This page is intended as an open source resource for fun ways to visualize learning processes.  Please be sure to credit the appropriate creators when necessary.  Please feel free to post your own or send links of other visualizations to:  (they will be shared on this page),

Processes covered:

movement ideas (including Alexander Technique, dance, martial arts, gymnastics etc.)

writing ideas (5-paragraph essay, thesis statement, body paragraphs, story arcs)

mathematical concepts (types of numbers, types of shapes, order of operations)

science processes (scientific method, cycle of life, weather cycle, food pyramid)

visual miscellaneous (Edward Tufte, David McCandless, Kathryn Weinstein, others)


educational processes


movement processes


emergent creative processes